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Chromis viridis
Green Chromis

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Photo Credit: John Susbilla

I have a 110 liter marine aquarium with 1x Percula Clown (Tris), 2x Ocellaris Clowns (Jumpy and Nibbles) and 4x Green Chromis. The chromis have been a great help to Tris who is shy. She is starting to come out more with the chromis. Chromis are great fish. They help bring out the shy fishes. I recommend them to anyone who is starting a marine aquarium. Keep them in schools of four or more.

Contributed by Dean Hookey

These are very active fish that swim around the middle to top region of the tank. They are well known for their schooling behavior, but this does not mean that they have to be kept in groups, one solitary chromis is fine. Two is not a number to keep these guys in, one will become dominant and bully the other to injury and maybe death. These are great fish because they can be used like damsels to cycle a tank, but they are not aggressive and therefore you don't have to tear up your tank to catch them and return them to the store (damsels are very fast and hard to catch). These guys are a great addition to any tank, as long as nothing will eat them. They are greedy eaters and should have a balanced diet of meats and flaked foods. They have interesting color that chages from blue, silver, purple and green in different shades of light.

Contributed by a visitor

I have 10 green chromis in my tank and I enjoy watching them swimming in school. It is already been half a year and NEVER a day they will not swim around the tank. Great fish to keep in numbers. They can eat every 2-3 hours. Fascinating fish to keep. Highly recommended.

Contributed by Ben Flure

This is my second tank (1st was a 800 liter and now a 570 liter). I have just added my second school of chromis. This is a great, understated, fish. They are always moving, and harmless to all the other fish in my tank. Do not under estimate the enjoyment you will get by adding this fish (more than 3) to your tank. I have found that their muted color intensifies when they become well adapted to the tank and are fed well. On a side note, (between tanks) I visited a local aquarium shop and they were a minimum of 15 cm long. I have never again seen them that size and I wish I bought them and just had them held in a friend's tank until the second one was ready for fish.

Contributed by L. Wiecki

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