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Holacanthus ciliaris
Queen Angelfish

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Photo Credit: Fish Domain

Name: Holacanthus ciliaris
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Western Atlantic
45 cm Loner As Young


This queen angel is not a easy species to keep. It requires a large tank to swim and be comfortable in an aquarium. However they are easy eaters and will eat flakes as well, but they do not come in cheap here in Singapore, as they are from the caribbean ocean.

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I believe this is the most extravagant angelfish I have ever seen! Though it is pretty, it is a very expensive fish and should only be raised by experienced hobbyists. It is the largest angelfish so it would require a lot of space. It's relatively friendly with other tankmates and would be a great attraction to your tank. It's a very striking fish!

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The queen angelfish is an easy fish to keep under good nutrition and water quality. My 2 queens are 15 cm and 20 cm. I have kept them for almost 5 years. Feed them with different food daily, like shrimp, flake for marine fish, lettuce, caulerpa and nori, but remember to feed them food containing sponges. You can do it yourself: buy caulerpa (no rock attached), any type of sea sponges, squid, prawn, green peas, lettuce, nori and Vitamin C. Blend them and place them in the freezer. This fish is expensive here in Singapore, because of the quality of the Caribbean fishes.

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