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Protoreastor nodosus
Chocolate Chip Starfish

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I have 2 chocolate chip star fish in my tank. Truth be known, the choco chips will eat all your feather dusters, the coral if you don't keep them fed properly! I found that if you feed them every other day to every three days they usually don't bother the living things on the coral, but then again...maybe I'm just lucky. They are great to have in a tank and very cute!

Contributed by Brandie

I have a small 115 L reef tank. I've had our chocolate chip star from the beginning. Two weeks ago it ate our infant sabae anemone. This morning I woke up to find our chocolate chip star attached to my Curlique anemone. Needless to say, our Curlique didn't stand a chance. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the chocolate chip star, but right now I'm not too happy with it. I wouldn't recommend them for reef tanks.

Contributed by Louise

I have 4 chocolates in a 200 L and I've had 2 of them for nearly a year. They are my absolute favorites in the saltwater hobby. I have found they love just about any meaty foods, ex: tilapia chunks, krill, and mussels. Definitely a must for enthusiasts.

Contributed by Melissa Pacetti

I went to my local pet store and saw this really cute little chocolate chip, thought he was a must have, bought him and brought him home. I now have no snails left. I had 8 until he decided it was snack time. He really is cute, but trust me, he will eat your snails. He creeps up and covers them, rolls them over and eats them.

Contributed by Melissa Wurschmidt

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