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Protoreastor nodosus
Chocolate Chip Starfish

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Name: Protoreastor nodosus
Origin: ?

Size Behavior Reef
? cm Predator No


This cute-looking little starfish is nonetheless rarely considered reef safe. Best left in a tank without corals, it is otherwise peaceful towards fish and invert tankmates, but susceptible to attacks from predators such as triggerfish.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

I kept one of these with a dogface puffer for years. The puffer ate the little "chocolate chips" off of the star fish, but allowed it to live. They are really not safe for reefs and should be kept in a tank without corals.

Contributed by Greg Horn

These stars are an awesome specimen, but beware, they will become carnivorous as they get older and are definitely not reef-safe. The stars can get up to 40 cm easily and should not be kept in under 200 liters unless planning to upgrade. They are generally harmless to fish, but I have heard horror stories. I have 5 of these and just love them. When established to their aquarium they are a hardy and good choice for beginners, but beware of the transportation. It can be very hard on them. One more important note: NEVER EXPOSE TO AIR, this may kill these creatures. Feed shrimp pellets, seaweed selects and other omni foods.

Contributed by Dennis Moody

I have raised a chip starfish from 4 cm in diameter to the current 15 cm. It loves to dine on snails and I have given up on using snails to control algae.

Contributed by Barry Mattoon

These stars are really cool looking and come in an assortment of colors. I tried one in my reef and it did fine for about 2 years. Then I got a flower-pot goniopora and he ate it. I would not have these in a reef anymore.

Contributed by a visitor

These star fish are very cool looking. My daughter calls it the sugar cookie. Too bad the man at the pet store didn't tell me they aren't reef compatible. So far mysugar cookie has eaten US$150 worth of mushrooms.

Contributed by Kevin Olson

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