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Chelmon rostratus
Copperband Butterflyfish

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I have one and he does great, although I would not recommend for absolute beginners because they don't handle transportation well. On a good note like mine they keep live rock pretty clean, but will try and take down feather dusters and small polyps. Usually very picky about what kind of frozen food to eat (I can only get mysis shrimp and brine to be eaten), plus they are not very disease resistant, mine got Ich the first week and he was as healthy as I see them come. But they are remarkable, beautiful fish and should be admired!

Contributed by Nathan Taylor

I have had a copperband butterfly fish for a year with no problems at all. He will eat anything and everything. I give him cooked brocolli in little pieces and he devours the lot. In fact he beats my yellow tang to the food every time.

Contributed by Peter J. Willis

I have a 200 L reef. Aiptasia started to grow after a year and a half of fairly optimum conditions. I decided to try the copperband and he cleaned the tank in 4 days. He also took down a feather duster I had and I'm sad for that. The fish is beautiful and healthy.

Contributed by Fernando Blanca

I recently bought a copper banded butterflyfish. I have managed to get it to eat after two days. I think one of the secrets is to keep a strong flow in the water while feeding (don't forget this fish likes to hunt, so it's attracted to moving food). I have a strong powerhead on all the time. I use what we call in Australia pippies (small white clams, and green prawns (shrimp). I found that the fish prefers to eat near the top of the tank, so I finely chop the pippies and prawns before feeding. I have also managed to get the fish to take live tubifex worms. Hope this is helpful.

Contributed by Geoff Wright

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