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Euxiphipops/Pomacanthus xanthometapon
Blueface Angelfish

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blueface1.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Leandro Neme

Name: Pomacanthus xanthometapon
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific
40 cm Loner As Young


This type of Angel is very bossy and is not recommended as a community fish. I have one right now which is about 15 to 18 cm long and he's been chasing everyone he sees. Very bold feeder. This type of Angel is best to be added the last. Enjoys swimming in and out of crevices. It is best to have a refuge for this fish. Feeding habits, one of the most voracious. Will accept anything once acclimated well. Caution is advised if your tank has another species or sort. If you already have an Angel, it is best to get a smaller Blue Face than buying a bigger one as it can wreak havoc in your tank.

Contributed by Kim Estanislao

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