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Salarias fasciatus
Lawnmower Blenny, Sailfin/Algae Blenny, Jewelled Rockskipper

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Salarias_fasciatus_1.jpg (34kb)
Photo Credit: Matt Lewis

Name: Salarias fasciatus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific
14 cm Loner Low Risk


I have had my LMB for just over a year, and he has been the most popular critter in my tank when guests visit. In my experience, the LMB has a voracious appetite for hair algae, and I have (fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) always had at least some hair algae in the tank for him to graze on. While he has had ample opportunity to eat macro algae, he has never shown an interest in any of the macros that have existed in my tank from one point to another. Various bunches of Caulerpa, Chaetomorph, Halimeda, Neomersis, and Udotea have all gone untouched. Recently he has begun to take interest in the dry marine pellets I occasionally feed to my fish. For the most part my LMB keeps to himself, though he will occasionally posture in front of the other fish or quickly dart close to one, this behavior is never sustained. I have not witnessed anything more aggressive than that, though other aquarists report aggression toward similarly colored tank mates. He does seem to enjoy swimming in and around the live rock when he is not perched on it. If algae is present in the tank, I would rate this fish as an easy keeper. Aside from diet, he is very hearty and tolerant of other fish and inverts. If algae is not present, it may be possible to feed seaweed as a substitute.

Contributed by Matt Lewis

My lawn mower blenny, named Moe, is the best fish in my tank. He loves green and red algae sleves. I put one in the tank and by morning his stomach is twice the size than it was at night. I highly recommend this fish. Does well with all other fish. I have several damsels, clowns, and a clown trigger.

Contributed by Connlley

Very interesting fish. Mine is pretty fat and I never even need to feed him as he gets all his food grazing for algae on the aquarium wall and live rock.

Contributed by Bob

I just had to remove my LMB. It was the most aggressive fish in my tank. It didn't eat my hair algae, just the dried seaweed I put in my tank for my tangs. It has been leaving the lawnmower blenny teeth marks on the side of my tang for a while. I woke up this morning to find my yellow tang dead and covered in LMB bites.

Contributed by Dead Tang

My hair algae started to get a bit erratic so I inquired on the web and most people suggested the lawnmower blenny. Hands down the best fish I ever purchased. It is a very interesting fish to say the least and without a doubt the most entertaining. If you have algae then you will enjoy this fish.

Contributed by Adam Romano

I had an Algae Blenny and it was an amusing and very uselful addition, with a voracious appetite for hair algae. It was so good at keeping algae under control that I thought the little chap was an essential part of the tank. However I introduced a Blue-Spotted Jawfish (expensive), and the Algae Blenny displayed a new character trait. It attacked the Jawfish upon sight, night and day. It was quite vicious and relentless in terrorising the peaceful jawfish. By the time I was able to catch the Algae Blenny, it had completely bitten off the Jawfish's tail. I now have my fingers crossed that the Jawfish will recover, and the Blenny, as the aggressive fish, has had to go. I can only presume that this behaviour is triggered because the jawfish is a similar shape to the Blenny.

Contributed by Steve Delaney

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