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Premnas biaculeatus
Maroon Clownfish, Spine-Cheeked Anemonefish

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Premnas_biaculeatus_3.jpg (36kb)
Photo Credit: Allen BS

Name: Premnas biaculeatus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Habitat


These little guys have quite the personality! Ours PUSHES fish into its anemone so watch out. Ours tends to be a bit defensive of its home and will pair off if another, smaller, marroon clown is introduced to the tank. They may turn from white to a golden during their lifespan. They may even grunt at other fish so don't get creeped out if you hear noises when watching your tank.

Contributed by Fred Shopnitz

Maroon clown females grow to about 14 cm and males about 8 cm. Mine are quite active so I would recommend an aquarium of 70 L or bigger. There colouration is so bright and colourful! I have read that they pick on smaller fish, but I haven't had a problem with mine. I keep mine in a 200 L reef tank.

Contributed by Jonathon Hoffmann

I have written about these fish before (above) and said they were harmless, but really they are very territorial. If you have any other clownfish they may chase it or even kill it. I would think twice about these fish.

Contributed by Jon Hoffmann

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