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Pomacanthus semicirculatus
Koran Angelfish, Semicircle Angelfish

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Pomacanthus_semicirculatus_1.jpg (51kb)
Photo Credit: Shaun Mittwollen

Name: Pomacanthus semicirculatus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Habitat


I had one of these great fish. When I bought it, it was about 5 cm long. It was a very peaceful fish. As it grew it became more and more aggressive to my clarki clown. He used to be reef safe till he started growing. He started picking at my corals and eating away polyps and many other desired corals. He ate like a pig, eating flakes, brine shrimp, mysis, nori and marine green. He also tried to take chunks off my skin. I tragically lost him in a freak accident. He grew 3 times his size in my care.

Contributed by Patrick Dilanchain

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