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Pomacanthus asfur
Arabian Angelfish

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Name: Pomacanthus asfur
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Habitat


Wow, what an angelfish! I bought mine about 7 years ago and it's still going strong! In fact, it's the KING of my tank! Very personable angel once it gets to know the owner. Until then, it's quite shy and will dash about for cover in the rockwork, but soon comes out to investigate its surroundings or for feedings. If you like Batman, this is the angel for you (black/purple with - bright yellow tail and crest along the side of its body), if you have the tank space, as this angel can get rather large (up to 35 cm, similar to the Queen Angel). If you don't, leave this angel (or any other large angel) alone! Mine is about 20 cm (bought at 5 cm) and cruises around my 180 cm tank with ease. Even this tank looks a bit small and I'm thinking of going bigger due to this angel and the other fish that I have in it. When its fins are closed, the dorsal and anal fins appear like streamers giving the angel a 'fast-streaking' appearance. When it flares its fins, it's an incredible sight to see!

Care is relatively simple (keep the usual good water parameters for marine fish) and mine will eat almost anything thrown into the tank (i.e., small chunks of krill, pellets, veggie flakes, mysis, lots of nori, and brine shrimp). One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this can be a rather aggressive angelfish and, if you plan to have somewhat 'peaceful' fish with this angel, add it last as it can take the tank over as it gets bigger. If new additions don't challenge it, the angel usually leaves them alone, once settled and the hierarchy is established.

Contributed by Tony

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