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Odonus niger
Niger Triggerfish, Redtooth Trigger, Blue Trigger, Black Trigger

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Odonus_niger_2.jpg (31kb)
Photo Credit: Kevin Akers

Name: Odonus niger
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific
30 cm Aggressive Caution


Niger triggers are great fish! They need very large tanks 800 L minimum. They are one of the more peaceful triggers and are reef safe. I have had mine for a year and it is so much fun to watch. I keep it with a picasso and clown trigger in a 1000 liter. They are all about 12-15 cm now. If you have the proper sized tank, go for it!

Contributed by Tommy

I guess not many people have a black trigger. I have had two for 2 years, both about 16 or 17 cm long. For some reason mine are very aggressive towards other fish, that's why they live alone.

Contributed by

Niger triggers are not reef safe, they have teeth that they have to wear down frequently and will do so on SPS and snails/shrimp. Keep them in a fish only tank.

Contributed by Dan

I inherited a 120 litre tank and inhabitants from friends who were moving and couldn't keep it any longer. One of the fish was a large (18 cm) Niger, who had grown up in that tank from being a tiny little guy, over 5 years. Sadly, due to complications, the move was not a success and I lost 'Trigger' and friends (long-nose butterfly among them, improbably). I have since got over being devastated by the loss, and with the luxury of time to get the water right finally got another little Niger. He's a very easy fish to care for, lost no time in eating (with the help of a little garlic juice mixed in his food). He also ignores the seahorses since added (I know, I was worried too, but LFS guy swore they would be OK and they are), and since mysis shrimp isn't his favourite, it has time to drift to where the horses can get to it so feeding is no problem.

Contributed by Sasha Ganin

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