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Neoglyphidodon oxyodon
Blue Velvet Damsel, Neon Velvet Damsel, Javanese Damsel, Bluestreak Damselfish

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Neoglyphidodon_oxyodon_1.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: Jack

Name: Neoglyphidodon oxyodon
Origin: Indo-Australian Archipelago

Size Behavior Reef
15 cm Territorial Safe


This is a great fish, I have had mine for 4 months now, and it's eating everything I put in the tank for food. It's really fun to watch! It also gets along with everything I have in my tank: 4 clown fish, 2 yellow clown gobies, a blood shrimp, a yellow tang and a blue starfish. Just make sure to keep pH at right level (8.1 - 8.3) and make sure to keep salinity perfect! Overall, this is a great fish, great for beginner too!

Contributed by a visitor

Baby velvets are stunning, and they grow much larger than most damsels, which would be wonderful. Alas - I learned the hard way that over time they become more aggressive and sadly lose their bright colors until what you end up with is a large, mean and rather drab looking fish.

Contributed by Shannon

I bought mine when I was starting out and was foolish, as I didn't read about each fish before I bought it. These damsels are sold only as babies. They're great looking, but grow into a drab, no color, MEAN damsel. I have had mine for 3 years and it now lives in a 200 L tank with a same size Beau Gregory who is just as mean. Both have 1 kg of live rock on each side of the tank which is their territory.

Contributed by Lia

This is a very active hardy fish. This and a tomato clown were my first. Very good fish for a beginner. Be careful though, because they will terrorize any new fish you add to your tank. Either add them last or at the same time as your other fish. I had to take mine back to the pet store because he was terrorizing a blackcap gamma I added to my tank.

Contributed by Mark Lewis

We had...note HAD...a velvet damsel that harassed and chased our green chromis. One day I noticed red, fleshy areas on 2 of our chromis, and believe they were the result of bullying from the damsel. He nipped and ate our xenia, and nipped at the antennae of our banded coral shrimp. Very territorial. We only have one tank, so we decided to bring him back to the fish store, but only after we took out all the live rock to catch him...he was a fast little bugger. To his credit...he and our lawnmower blenny coexisted very peacefully. I would never recommend a velvet damsel for a reef tank.

Contributed by Cammi

I've had my blue velvet damsel for 13 years now! I love him. He can be a grouchy old ^%#$ sometimes but he's never been so aggressive as to injure or stress out my other fish. I feel very blessed to have known him. He's full of personality and bravado. I've always rearranged everything in the tank when adding new fish, to neutralize his territoriality. It's worked for me.

Contributed by Laura Foley Gray

This was the first fish we put in our saltwater tank about four years ago. If I had read about how they get very aggressive and lose their coloring at the time, I probably wouldn't have gotten him. That would have been too bad. I simply love how full of personality he is. Jaws is now about 10-12 cm long and a real brute. He lives with a clown, a yellow angel, a blenny, and a small yellowtail damsel. With a lot of live rock, we have been able to add these other fish one at a time--as long as the new fish is good at moving around and finding a hiding spot (Jaws is too big to move that fast or to get into tight places). In a few days, he learns to accept his new tank mate. We know better, though, to put anything else in the tank. If you drop a little rock in the tank, he goes ballistic--trying to push it up to the top of the tank (and out), or using his tail to bury it in the sand. The tank has lots of live rock, but corals are out of the question. He would simply headbutt them down to the bottom and bury them. I love this fish. You just have to understand that it is HIS tank.

Contributed by Karen Gray Edwards

I saved a velvet damsel from being flushed down the loo. My friend was breaking his tank up but couldn't get rid of this damsel, so I took pity and gave him a home, not knowing why everyone else didn't want him. Silly me, I do know now. He is the biggest bully I have ever known, he hates everything in the tank. He lives with a regal tang, coral beauty, 2 blue damsels, a clown and fox face. It's a bit odd seeing the velvet and the fox face together, it's a bit like a love/hate relationship. They follow each other around all the time, but also fight all the time too.

Contributed by Baz Fallon

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