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Heteractis crispa
Sebae Anemone

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Heteractis_crispa_1.jpg (39kb)
Photo Credit: Eric Castren

Name: Heteractis crispa
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific
40 cm Predator Medium Risk


I have a full-size specimen in my 190 L reef tank, it is the host for my Tomato Clown pair. This anemone is an easy keeper and the clowns will even take food right to it or I have handfed my anemone, I am not alergic to its stings. The research I have found and my experience suggests that the natural coloration of a healthy anemone is much darker, more of a brown coloration. My tank is lit by T-5's and the anemone is at the bottom of the tank. It grew from a small specimen to full size in less than 3 months. Be sure to allow space for these guys, I didn't expect it to get so big so fast, It was only about 10 cm across when I got it.

Contributed by Lisa O'Dell

I have 6 ocellaris clownfish and only one is at the moment living inside my anemone. I've also seen this clown taking pieces of squid to the anemone before other fish get to it.

Contributed by Kristijan Tom

I've had one that looked like this before, and it did quite well. I bought it small and it grew really big - over 30 cm in diameter - in a 180x60x60 cm tank with 6x96 Watt PC's. I really liked it and want to get another. However, when I bought the first one 10 years ago they called it a sebae anemone. When I look up Heteractis sebae on Google Images it looks different than this H. crispa. I remember ID'ing my first one as H. crispa from a book by Gerald Allen. I guess H. sebae and H. crispa are easily confused by retailers.

Contributed by Stefan

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