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Gobiodon okinawae
Yellow Clown Goby, Yellow Coral Goby, Okinawa Goby

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Gobiodon_okinawae_1.jpg (29kb)
Photo Credit: Diogo Lopes

Name: Gobiodon okinawae
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Japan to Australia
4 cm Peaceful Safe


My little goby is a sight to see in the tank. I've got an only fish (live rock) 100 L tank with a bicolor blenny, two perculas, a royal gramma and a boxer shrimp and they all seem to get on very well. All of them peaceful little creatures. The goby cruises around the tank and neither the gramma nor the shrimp nor the blenny meddle with him. When I first put the goby, the gramma tried to examine the little yellow guy but on the same day it calmed down. Now the goby feels at home in the tank. It's definitely a fish to have in your tank. I placed a small bleached coral in the tank but the goby prefers to hide in the rock. Perhaps the only disadvantage of such a small fish is its size: it could make perfect bait for bigger fishes like tangs or angels.

Contributed by Ale Navas

This is the most common clown goby in the hobby. Sadly, they are frequently sold malnourished. Many owners tend to have them for only a short while. Although they are finicky eaters, it is not impossible to get them feeding. A famous product cyclopleeze usually gets them eating. Then start to diversify their diet. I personally think they do better in small tanks, to monitor their condition. Overall, these fish have great personalities. When in pairs, they can damage SPS corals. Only minorly though. I would like for reef tank owners to try this species at least once.

Contributed by Deon Doxie

I have a yellow clown goby that has the best personality. It likes to perch on the rocks and sun coral in its tank. It eats tiny pellets by Spectrum and cyclop-eeze. These gobies are hardy once the fishkeeper can get them to start eating. I highly recommend them to people who have smaller tanks with non-predatorial fish and inverts.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

Quite possibly the most adorable saltwater fish I have ever kept. These fish exhibit TONS of personality once they have settled into a new tank. My yellow clown absolutely loved his bed of striped mushrooms. From across the room you could see these huge mushrooms with a little yellow streak resting on them. After a while, they will follow you around the tank. If you sit in front of your tank, they will almost certainly come right in front of you and perch on whatever is avaliable. They are picky eaters, though. They *will not* accept flake food of any type. Overall, they are an absolute joy to keep.

Contributed by Megan Johnson

I read a comment earlier that the clown goby will not eat flake foods of any kind. I want to dispute that comment and shed a little light on the topic. The fish in my tanks diet, although varied is based on marine flake food by O.S.I. I have a yellow-tailed damsel, 2 clown fish, a firefish, and a yellow clown goby. I've had the clown goby for about 7 months. It competes, eats, and thrives very well. My clown goby is almost like the baby in the tank that nobody messes with.

Contributed by Landon Dave

Great fish, mine is not hard at all to feed, eats frozens and dry foods. It's the smallest fish in the tank at only 3 cm, but doesn't feel threatened by my blue tang or maroon clown.

Contributed by Jonny

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