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Gobiodon citrinus
Citron Clown Goby, Poison Goby, Lemon Coral Goby, Blue Stripe Goby

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Gobiodon_citrinus_1.jpg (29kb)
Photo Credit: Diogo Lopes

Name: Gobiodon citrinus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific Oceans
6 cm Peaceful Safe


This fish is full of personality. They make great nano fish. They are the largest of the clown gobies. I have had mine for 2 months now. The only problem with this fish and other species in its genus, is that they can be hard to get feeding. Clown gobies in general come into the trade malnourished, and can sometimes die within a month. I quickly got it eating cyclopleeze. I saw that wasn't enough. I finally got it eating pieces of shrimp using the spot feeding method. That is the only reason that makes them difficult. They typically don't do well in large tanks, because its hard to get to them, or they get lost. Finally there are two varieties. They come in yellow and what looks like brown. It's a regional difference. Hope citron clown goby owners enjoy.

Contributed by Deon Doxie

Yes, very funny eaters. Ours was just wasting away, but target feeding brine shrimp worked for him and now he comes to me to be fed. It seems training is all important, as they are very lazy, and territorial too.

Contributed by Andy Turner

This fish is doing better after finding a place to settle down in my tank and is currently feeding on mysis, cyclopeeze flakes, plankton, and some other frozen meat foods that I defrosted in Selcon/Garlic.

Contributed by David C.

Great goby to have. They are very unusual in their coloration, and are very entertaining. I love the way mine always swims around the tank, it seems like he is picking out a new place to live in my liverock. On the other hand though, they do not do well with other gobies or the same species, I recommend just one in a tank.

Contributed by Jake M.

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