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Ctenochaetus tominiensis
Tomini Tang, Bristletooth Surgeonfish

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Name: Ctenochaetus tominiensis
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Habitat


My tomini tang is almost hyper active! It shoots around at warp speed. When I got it originally it was shy and stayed in the caves, now it's had a major personalty change. It became more active and now constantly picks at algae on the rocks and glass. It really has a nack for tearing off bits of algae from my clip. The tomini would just tear the whole piece to shreds! I have had no aggression problems so far. A great fish, I would recommend it.

Contributed by Henry

I have a Tomini Tang, it is a teen and very shy. I have to stay at a far distance to study its behavior to see if it needs quarantine. However, it is like other tangs and it is very hyper. So 380 liters will be enough for any tang. One per tank as it gets aggressive with other tangs. I had to get another 380 liter because my black hawaiian tang was fighting with it, so I have two 380 liters with a tomini tang, blue lickia starfish, 1 lunar wrasse, and 2 birdwrasses. In my other tank I have a Moorish Idol, Black Hawaiian Tang and 5 wrasses (2 banana wrasses, cleaner wrasse, red fairy wrasse and a lunar wrasse. I reccomend getting a Tomini Tang in a peaceful environment.

Contributed by Chris Steele

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