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Chrysiptera parasema
Yellowtailed Blue Damselfish, Yellow-Tail Damsel, Goldtail Demoiselle

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This is one of the most hardy marine fishes I've ever kept. Very lively and not so aggressive as the other damsels. If you keep them with other damsels make sure that they are of the same size else if the yellow tail blue damsel is smaller then it will be bullied by other damsels. I have 5 and each one sticks to their own territory. Not fussy about food. I feed them Tetra marine flake food and they seem to enjoy it. Occasionally I feed them brine shrimp. These fishes can also be used to break the new tank cycling but with caution though. I however have never used them for the purpose. Altogether a very lively and fuss free and good to watch fish.

Contributed by Monodip Roy Burman

I have named mine Lucky, because he has survived a string of bad occurences in my tank. First I had an Ich breakout, then a bacterial infection spread amongst my fish. Last but not least, my heater exploded and electrocuted my entire tank. This is the only fish that survived all of those events. He has a great personality, and is very peaceful toward all of the other fish that I have had so far.

Contributed by Joseph Zobel

I've been taking care of one of these guys for the past three months. I did originally have two but the both of them were very aggressive towards each other and together they ate and killed my Thorny Starfish, so I got rid of whichever I was able to catch first. Since I got rid of the other one, this one's been much better. He's a bit aggressive towards my clowns but doesn't show any aggression towards my tang, mandarin, and purple firefish. He isn't very aggressive when it comes to eating and he eats pretty much everything I give him, although he isn't too fond of the algae formulae foods I put in. I have also since bought a Blue Linkia Starfish and the damsel isn't bothering him at all. Overall, great fish for beginners. I recommend you either keep them singly or in groups of three or more in a large tank. Do not keep them as a pair.

Contributed by Mike

I have a 120 Litre aquarium with 1 Royal Gramma, 2 Black Percula Clowns, 1 Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel and 1 Cleaner Shrimp along with the usual clean up crew (hermits and turbo snails). I added the Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel last and he immediately became the whipping boy and was bullied by the Royal Gramma (not viciously but persistantly). I re-arranged the rockwork and let them all settle back in and the bullying settled down, but the Gramma still asserts his authority over the Damsel occasionally. All the other fish get along fine and the Damsel is a very peaceful member of the tank. He just gets chased off every once in a while by the gramma.

Contributed by Leif Hinks

I have a total of 6 Damsels, Four Yellow-Tailed Blue Damsels and Two Domino Damsels and these fish have been an excellent choice for my tank. I first introduced the Damsels when I began cycling my tank and it is true that these are very hardy fish that can withstand different water types. Every one of my Damsels survived my saltwater cycle. It is very important that these fish have adequate hiding places to get away from other fish and establish their territory. Damsels are very territorial and semi-aggressive fish. They will Bully the weaker fish by nipping at their tails and fins. Though fairly aggressive with each other the Yellow tails seem to fear of stay away from the Dominoes. My Dominoes kinda keep all the other fish in check. These fish will eat many types of food, but we have been successful with flake. They will sense when it is feeding time and even come and try to take the flakes out of you hand. Yellow-Tailed Damsels will be a great addition to anyone's tank.

Contributed by John Paul Escobedo

I have 2 yellowtailed damsels in my tank and I think they are great fish. They never bother any of my other fish, are incrediby hardy and very cheap! I would reccomend these fish to anyone starting with a marine tank.

Contributed by Nicola

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