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Chrysiptera parasema
Yellowtailed Blue Damselfish, Yellow-Tail Damsel, Goldtail Demoiselle

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Photo Credit: SuperGook10

Name: Chrysiptera parasema
Origin: West Pacific Ocean

Size Behavior Reef
10 cm Loner Safe


One of the least aggressive of the damsels, though caution should always be taken if kept with other damsels. Reef-safe, extremely hardy, and sticks to a relatively small territory.

Contributed by Cecilia Chen

I bought a Yellow Tail for its stunning color and it quickly became the bully of all my Damsels (including the Domino's). I now keep this one in its own tank. It dug a hole under the live rock and loves to sleep in its cave. On its own the fish is very friendly, especially during feedings. It will swim in front of my face when I'm inspecting other specimens in the tank and will "bark" at the glass when I walk away from my viewing, as if to say "come back!"

Contributed by Thorn

Very funny fish, I have 3 and they all have their own territory. Agressive against it's own species and other damselfish, but peaceful against other fish. They eat almost everything. A hardy fish, good for beginners.

Contributed by a visitor

As with all damselfish, these are hardy and a great fish to start with. They disappear at night and only come out during the day, quite the opposite from most. They have much personality and are fun to watch. Out of my 4 damsel types - Sergeant Major, Four-Stripe, yellow belly, and yellow tail, they are the most peaceful.

Contributed by James Shewmake

I actually have two yellow tailed damsels (Flotsam and Jetsam are their names, heh) and they get along very well with each other. Flotsam is very peaceful, he keeps to himself while Jetsam is constantly picking on the OTHER fish in my tank, mostly Tang and Dori (my two Tangs). Jetsam is very territorial and he chases the tangs out of certain areas of the tank. Flotsam is never bothering anyone. Flotsam is the only fish Jetsam seems to get along with. It's a kooky situation, I guess.

Contributed by Sam Morales

I have a yellow-tailed damsel, a saddle back clown fish, and a canary damsel. I'd have to say that my yellowtail is my most healthy fish, though of course it is aggressive to others. I strongly suggest damsels for beginners.

Contributed by adam

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