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Chaetodon semilarvatus
Golden Butterflyfish, Masked Butterflyfish, Bluecheek Butterfly Fish

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Chaetodon_semilarvatus_1.jpg (10kb)
Photo Credit: Mike

Name: Chaetodon semilarvatus
Origin: Red Sea

Size Behavior Reef
23 cm Peaceful Caution


The Golden Butterfly is a somewhat rare fish because it comes from the Red Sea. There have been mixed reports of their hardiness in captivity. Some say that these fish don't adapt to aquarium life because they refuse to accept aquarium feed. Mine on the other hand adapted very well and started eating all the frozen feed I was offering it the second I put it into the tank. It's a very peaceful fish that does not like to be bullied and will not retaliate if a fish is attacking it; therefore, it is best to keep it with peaceful tankmates. I consider this Butterflyfish reef safe with caution because it doesn't pick at any of my coral or invertebrates except for one of my two brain coral. I'm not sure why the Butterfly picks at one brain coral and not the other but I'm not complaining. I find my Butterfly always hiding under overhangs in my tank so I think they need overhangs in the tank to feel secure. Also, I find that this Butterfly is more active and grazes more when my metal halide lights are off. It grazes more when my fluorescents and moonbeams are on. That means that they prefer more dimly lit aquariums over a brightly lit aquarium.

Contributed by Mike

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