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Centropyge potteri
Potter's Angelfish, Potter's Pygmy/Dwarf Angel

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Centropyge_potteri_1.jpg (21kb)
Juvenile Centropyge potteri
Photo Credit: Mike

Name: Centropyge potteri
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Hawaiian Islands
10 cm Harem Caution


The Potter's Angelfish is known to be one of the more challenging of the Angelfish family to keep, because it is a difficult fish to feed. I, on the other hand, am having great luck at keeping this fish. It was about 3 cm long when I first got it and it was eating mysid shrimp at the store. I brought him home and quarantined him for about three weeks. It was always hesitant to feed in the quarantine, but has become a pig since it was added to the main tank. I believe that this might be due to the fact that it knew it was the only fish in the quarantine; therefore, it can eat the food whenever it wants. In the main tank, it knows that there's competition and thus has to eat as much as it can before all the food is gone. It eats plenty of algae off the rocks, formulae one and two, spirulina, nori, frozen mysid shrimp, and frozen brine shrimp. It is very social and always comes to greet me when I come to the tank and does usually follow me around the tank when I try to look in at different perspectives. It also loves to swim around with my Ocellaris Clownfish when they are away from the anemone. Generally speaking, it's a very active Angelfish that loves to swim around in the open, although most people say that Potter's Angels are very shy and secretive, which is what promotes their inability to learn to feed in the home aquarium. It can usually be a little territorial if a fish is too close to it while it is feeding on the algae. I have soft coral, hard coral, and zoos and have yet to see it pick at anything, although Potter's Angelfish in general are known to pick at coral more than other angelfish.

Contributed by Mike

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