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Centropyge flavissima/flavissimus
Lemonpeel Angel, Blue-Eye Angelfish

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Centropyge_flavissima_1.jpg (10kb)
Photo Credit: Mike

Name: Centropyge flavissima
Origin: Indo-Pacific Oceans

Size Behavior Reef
14 cm Loner Low Risk


The Lemonpeel Angel was not a challenging fish to care for. He accepted food the instant he was inserted into my tank. He eats spirulina formula, formula one, formula two, mysis shrimp, and brine shrimp. He likes to swim around on his own in the tank. He is a bit aggressive towards passive fish like Dartfish and Clownfish, so care must be taken. My angel likes to nip at my Purple Firefish's tail and also my Clown's dorsal fin. He is in a tank with some invertebrates, which he never touches. He is also in a tank with some soft corals, one hard coral (hopefully soon to be more), and a couple of zooanthids. He doesn't pick at the soft coral and I haven't seen him go after my hard coral, but I have seen him pick at my zooanthids. In general, he is a pretty active angelfish. He is usually out swimming in the open during the day and will rest in the rockwork at night. It is a good beginner fish. Although it isn't recommended to keep more than one angelfish in a tank, it can be done in a very large tank. At my LFS, I see this angelfish, a Potter's angel, and a Venustus Angel in an 800 liter tank living harmoniously.

Contributed by Mike

I have had this Angel for about a year now. He is very active swimming all around the tank, in and out of the rock work. I have him in a 470 L tank with a Majestic Angel. They get along fine, From what I have read and seen first hand, it appears that dwarf Angels and large Angels get along. I tried putting the Lemonpeel with a Flame Angel and the Lemonpeel would always harrass the Flame. I also tried putting a Pygmy Angel in with the Lemonpeel and it was even worse. The Lemonpeel will also harrass fish that are smaller than it from what I have seen in my tanks. The Lemonpeel does get along with every other fish in my tank that is bigger than him. These include a Harlequin Tusk (Australian) Hippo Tang, Foxface, Red Corris Wrasse, Picasso Trigger and the Majestic Angel that I mentioned before. He does pick on my Ocellaris Clown and my Flamehawk just a little. He has been a very good eater as he eats everything that I have put in the tank so far. He even goes right up to the veggie clip and eats with the Tang, Foxface and Majestic Angel when I put in some Algae sheets.

Contributed by Gary Jones

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