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Centropyge bicolor
Bicolor Angelfish

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Centropyge_bicolor_1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Allen BS

Name: Centropyge bicolor
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Indo-Pacific
13 cm Loner Caution


In my opinion the Bicolor Angelfish is the most striking of the pygmy (dwarf) angelfish. This fish is a little gem of the fish world and once acclimated is very active. It is also one of the bigger pygmy angels and may reach 15 cm. Like most pygmy angelfish, it is not easy to get it eating prepared foods and in fact some never do. Therefore it is highly advised that you have ample algae growth for it to graze on, as this is its main food source both in the wild and in captivity. It was only after three weeks of it being in my display tank that I observed it eating frozen mysis shrimp, up until then it survived purely on algae. As always, it's advisable to only have one per tank, otherwise fights will occur. Compatibillity-wise it is often thought to be non reef safe because of coral and mantle nipping, although as mine is in a FOWLR tank I can't say whether this is true or not. My Bicolor is very active and is constantly nipping at the rocks and glass for algae. It's also quite gutsy and will stick up for itself if it is challeneged by other fish. Overall a lovely fish, if you have ample algae growth, room, and compatible tank mates...go for it.

Contributed by Steve Hammond

I've had this fish in a reef tank for a couple of months now and would agree that it primarily eats algae off live rock and doesn't eat a lot of brine shrimp or other foods. My experience is that MY bicolor is reef safe (only nipped one hard coral a couple of times when first introduced) but I'm sure it depends on the individual. I have a lot of live rock and it loves to swim through all the caves. Brilliant colours and a very active fish.

Contributed by Bruce

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