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Amphiprion perideraion
Pink Skunk Clownfish, Salmon Skunk Anemonefish

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Amphiprion_perideraion_1.jpg (27kb)
Photo Credit: Richard Ling

Name: Amphiprion perideraion
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Habitat


There is not a lot of information about these fish compared to other clowns floating about. Females to 10 cm, males to about 7 cm (mine at least). They seem to be more peaceful than other members of this genus. I have a mated pair in a 110 L mixed reef and they are quite hardy - some internet sources say they are delicate etc., which is not what I have experienced. I got them very cheaply because they had been in the store for about 12 months, one of the perils of not looking like Nemo I guess. They are very active and typical clownfish in behaviour, interacting with each other, their owner and anything else in the room. They take all prepared, frozen and live foods readily as well as grazing all types of macro and microalgae throughout the day between feedings. I have never seen any other type of clown eat algae in this manner, they really chomp at it. I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour, but they have really solved my hair algae problems. They have been a great addition to my aquarium, not the most colourful fish in the sea but mine at least more than make up for it in character.

Contributed by Aaron

These are beautiful small fishes, sometimes living with a sea anemone. I have one in my 380 L reef tank. Mine is about 6 cm size. But be careful while adding new clownfish to your tank, as mine killed a 9 cm Maroon clown the next day when I introduced it with my Skunk. However, it's hardy, easy to keep, good beginner fish.

Contributed by Dhritiman Datta

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