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Acanthurus coeruleus
Atlantic Blue Tang, Caribbean Blue Surgeonfish

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Photos & Comments

Acanthurus_coeruleus_1.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: Dusko Bojic

Name: Acanthurus coeruleus
Size BehaviorReef
Origin: Tropical Atlantic Coasts
30 cm Peaceful Yes


Great fish, really hardy and playful. Never had any problems except the time he turned white. I suspect it was because the lights did not come on for a while, which caused the temperature to drop significantly. Other than that, it is a really fun fish to watch. He is the boss of my tank, simply because of his sheer size. This is NOT a fish for a small tank, I have him in a 1100 L tank and he seems to be happy, anything smaller would just mentally suffocate him if he got any bigger. He is about 20 cm nose to tip of tail.

Contributed by Yury Becker

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