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hemiod1.jpg (34kb)

Two Slender Hemiodus show their tails. (OCT 97)

Name: Hemiodopsis gracilis (fowleri)
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
15 cm 6.8 8 24oC

These amazon school fish (called "Cruzeiros" locally) are easily frightened, very sensitive to water parameters and difficult to keep. They must be quite hard to find in shops in the northern hemisphere, since I rarely see them mentioned or listed in books, but they're easily available in Brazilian shops. The beautiful red lower tailfin only gains full color if the fish is in top physical shape. After about 1 year doing reasonably well, three of them suffered MFD's in november '97, leaving only one. He adopted the Bala Sharks as companions, but also died in the same way two months later.