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Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
Windelov´s Fern

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windelov1.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
Origin: Domestic

Care Gravel Light
Easy None Low


This species can be considered a 'trophy' for any aquatic plant collector. It bears the name of the founder of Tropica Aquarium Plants, one of the most respected aquarium plant suppliers in the world. This species is even patented, meaning that, legally, Tropica has exclusive rights over its propagation and distribution. The plant is a modified Java Fern, presenting triple-split edges on each leaf, which gives it a beautiful and dense bushy aspect as it grows. It also seems to be a bit smaller than the original species, being usable as a decorative piece from mid to front of an aquarium. These changes did not change the species hardiness in any way, it´s just as undemanding and easy to maintain as the original Java Fern, including the advantage of not being bothered by herbivorous fish. It should also be placed on rocks and driftwood, with its roots loose in the water.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

This is one tough plant. I have grown it in a tank with 0.25 W/L lighting, no added CO2, and no fertilizer. It will grow faster if fertilizers and CO2 are added. It must be attached to something and not grown in the gravel. Most fish won't eat it. It looks great in any tank. Highly recommended.

Contributed by a visitor

I bought one of these plants from the local store recently. I bought the smallest one to fit in the side of a pile of slate, but found that it was way too tall. My aquarium is 45 cm and even at the gravel the plant's largest leaf sticks up 10 cm. This was the smallest one! I keep noticing that while these and other anubias are not prone to plant-eating fish, watch out for snails!

Contributed by Johann Spoerri

This is my most beautiful plant. I really like the interesting shape of the leaves. It grows slowly but works well in the foreground of the aquarium.

Contributed by Monica Ames

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