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Echinodorus tenellus
Pygmy Chain Sword

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Photo Credit: Alex Kawazaki

I am growing E. tenellus in a 2 WPG tank with a soil substrate. It grows well in both shaded and well lit situations. However, the shaded plants are about 5 cm high, less than half the height of those growing in well lit areas.

Contributed by Bill

I'm currently growing Echinodorus tenellus in my tank and it is forming a lovely green carpet that contrasts nicely with my red crypt wendtii. When I first got them, I had subdued lighting (about .25 Watts per liter) and the swords just sat there. I have since purchased a new hood with .6 W/L and since then my chain swords are thriving - exploding in fact! I use a combination of natural gravel and flourite as my substrate and I apply a micro nutrient fertilizer once or twice a month just to make them happy. And boy, are they ever happy. I now have so many that I might have to uproot a few and trade them online.

Contributed by Michael Conroy

I have the pygmy chain sword in my 75 L comunity tank. For the first month it was shooting a bit of runners, but now I've had it for two months and it has completely covered my community tropical fish tank. I highly recommend this plant if you enjoy a carpet plant.

Contributed by Craig Jones

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