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Vallisneria spiralis
Tape Grass (Val)

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Photo Credit: Tropica

I just wanted to say that I love the Vallinserias! I have two in a planted tank and I wouldn’t dare consider cutting them. Nothing is more beautiful than watching the long leaves sway back and forth in the water. They add a certain fullness to the tank that no other plant could do.

Contributed by Adrian Holloway

Nice grass that grows extremly fast. Silver Dollar resistant. I bought one of these about 6 months ago. Now it has grown to 20+ new plants. I have had some shoots grow to over two metres. Mine did come with snails too. Not that I knew at the time. I bought some Clown Loaches recently and now they have an All-you-can-eat-buffet.

Contributed by a visitor

Frankly speaking, I like this plant, too. I've bought some, but none of them are doing well in my 75 L community tank. It seems that some fish in my tank like picking on their long, narrow leaves, especially swordtails. Possibly, they're mistaking it to the flakes. Angels and gouramies tend to be cleverer about this. As a result, I wouldn't recommend it to people having fish that requires high vegetable content in its diet.

Contributed by Michael

This is a superb plant that can quickly spread, covering an area that just looks fantastic. It goes very well in river tanks, where the current is strong. You don't inject CO2 but have a high KH? Not a problem. The plant absorbs its carbon from the KH. It reduced the KH in my tank from 16°dH to 5°dH in a week!

Contributed by Freddie Dulley

These plants are absolutely awesome, quite hardy, but fish tend to munch on them, especially the new shoots from runners. I placed half a bundle in my planted tank with high lighting and fertilizer (no CO2 injection) and it spread like wildfire, getting a new runner every 3 days or so. I accidentally killed most of them due to the fact that I forgot to dechlorinate and it shocked the plants, but they have managed to regrow and look good as new. New shoots should be away from a filter inlet, as they tend to get sucked in and break, ruining the whole leaf. I definitely recommend this plant for beginners and people who want a nice bush-like forest appearance in their tank.

Contributed by Johannes de Hoop

Vallisneria spiralis is also useful in unfiltered ponds and tanks for reducing algal growth. Don't use with koi or carp, as it's very nutritious and they'll graze it away.

Contributed by Dick Trevor

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