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Samolus parviflorus
Water Cabbage

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Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Samolus parviflorus
Origin: South to North America

Care Gravel Light
Hard Rich Bright


I had some of these plants in my aquarium, but they didn't grow. I added some clay, but there was no effect, although I have good lighting. After about 2 months all the Water Cabbage was dead. So to me it was a quite hard to keep plant.

Contributed by Pier Janssen

About two years ago I thought I had bought a small swordplant, but now I realise it was actually Samolus. It did nothing in my brightly lit, CO2/fertilizer supplemented tank, so I decided to try direct sunlight and placed it in a goldfish bowl with a soil substrate outside. Of course it did nothing. Got sick of looking at it out there so I chucked it back inside in my planted tank. It has been overshadowed by monster crypts, so I removed a few around it to give it more light and to my suprise I discovered that it has now grown into two plants and the leaves are becoming longer. So my experience was that if you buy this plant and manage to keep it alive for at least two years then *maybe* it will start growing nicely.

Contributed by Damian Barton

About six months ago I bought six of these plants (which were in little pots) and put them around the tank. My fish loved them at first, but then I noticed that bit by bit the leaves were falling off and polluting the tank. The water turned green and I noticed that the water quality deteriorated. I don't suggest anyone get these if you have vigorous fish in the tank, as the stems are quite brittle and snap at the slightest touch.

Contributed by Anna

I bought 3 of these plants about 9 months ago, they were in nice little pots and looked very attractive. However, over the next 3 months one of the plants turned to mush and died, so I removed the other 2 from the pots and planted them directly into the substrate. I have used a reasonably fine sand mixed with commercial (fruit salad) gravel as my substrate. One plant is in my community tank and gets a regular cleaning from a 20+ cm plecostomus. It has grown really well, but hasn't produced any offspring to date. The other got moved to my tiger barb tank (200 L) with a shallow coarse substrate. This tank is near a window and receives sunlight for a couple of hours a day. This plant is bigger than the other and recently twinned. The baby is now about half the size of its parent and twice the size of the 3 originals in pots. It also gets a good grooming from a slightly smaller plecostomus but gets regular exercise from the redtail shark who lurks under its leaves waiting for others to pass by and be terrorised. Unfortunately the cabbage does seem susceptible to algae, so I am dosing my tanks with Flourish Excel. This seems to be reducing the amount of algae. On the whole the cabbage is a gentle plant, which grows slowly for a while till it gets established, but then it just takes off!

Contributed by Alan Steadman

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