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Nymphaea sp. 'rubra'
Rubra Water Lily

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Alex Kawazaki

I purchased mine from an online store. When I received the bulb, it had three leaves approx 3 cm in length and it looked sickly (the color red looks like the plant is dying). This particular bulb had sprouted two shoots, one main and one on the side, so I separated the two and planted them on opposite ends of the tank. The plant which is getting more direct light has 6 leaves now and is about 25 cm tall. The one which is receiving less light is about 10 cm tall and has 3-4 leaves. These plants do love light. I use both laterite and onyx sand in my tank, no CO2 (plenty of fish, no need for it) and I use Yamato Green plant fertilizer at least twice a month. Everything in the tank is growing really well, but I believe the stars of the show to be the lily plants, with their exotic colors and their superior ability to adapt. When planting the bulbs, make sure to plant in the background, otherwise your view will be obstructed once the plant grows.

Contributed by George Smerda

This is a great plant for big tanks. We have a small lotus in our 340 L discus tank. It is delicate at first, be careful when depotting/planting it, as the stems may snap. The leaves, during the beginning, broke off gradually, but new ones sprouted and are growing like crazy. Our green phantom pleco (L200) leaves it (though he makes up for it on our Amazon swords). Overall, a stunning plant to keep!

Contributed by a visitor

I purchased this plant from Walmart. It was in a package labeled "Live Aquarium Plants" and containing two bulbs. I figured, hey for 2 bucks, I would give it a try. Within one month it has grown to over 30 cm high with great looking red leaves. It really adds a very nice color to my aquarium. I am running at 0.25 W/L with sand for the substrate and dose trace ferts once a week, and this plant grows very well. I also have some in another tank with 0.13 W/L and it is still growing nicely, just not as full. Very easy plant to grow and very cost effective.

Contributed by Randy Killing

I too purchased this bulb at Walmart for super cheap and it has been a joy! What a beautiful hardy plant to own! I literally watch this plant grow because it grows so rapidly. I have the purple tinted lighting and gravel with river rocks to keep the bulb in place. When this plant begins to grow, white roots start coming from the stems and they latch on to nearby rocks. The top of my lily's leaves are greenish brown, the bottom of the leaves are a plum purple and the stem is green and brown. I have not added any fertilizer and will never do it, it won't need it!

Contributed by Megan Steward

I bought a bulb pack for $3.00, it came with two bulbs & they both sprouted. I recently took the plants off the bulb, I got nine plants off two bulbs and there are plants still sprouting from the bulbs. This plant is amazing!

Contributed by Ridge

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