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Nymphaea sp. 'rubra'
Rubra Water Lily

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Nymphaea_rubra_2.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Randy Killing

Name: Nymphaea sp. 'rubra'
Origin: Africa

Care Gravel Light
Average Plain Bright


I just purchased a Rubra Lotus Lily. The ones on display looked fantastic. The only one for sale was surprisingly small, about 8 cm and it cost US$14.00. I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else in the North Seattle area, so I don't know if that's a reasonable price. I believe the plant's origin is Madagascar and it requires bright lighting, a rich substrate and tolerates a wide pH range (6.0 - 7.5).

Contributed by Richard Lamb

I purchased a package of aquarium plant bulbs online. The package was supposed to contain a variety of species, including both Nymphaea Rubra and Nymphaea Stellata. The bulbs are shipped completely dry. To plant, all that is required is to let the bulb float in the tank for several days, and after sufficient time it will become saturated and sink to the substrate. After several more days, the bulb sprouts, at which point it gets partially buried. I followed this procedure with the bulbs I received and was rewarded with four lotus plants. They have grown very quickly and are very hardy. The package of bulbs (~ 15 bulbs) cost about 5 bucks. I tried all of the bulbs in the package, but the only things that actually grew were the lotus. Who cares, though...I still got four very nice plants for 5 bucks.

Contributed by Andy Smith

I purchased mine in a seed package where it says guaranteed to grow. I just dropped them in my tank, gave them fertilizer and they're growing well.

Contributed by Santiago Silva

I bought one at a LFS that was labelled Dwarf Lilly, then I saw this picture since no one knew what dwarf lilly was. It looks quite similar to this, so I think this is what it was. I purchased it for US$1.50, it was still labelled as Dwarf Lily Bulb, it was about 20 cm tall with A LOT of small leaves sprouting at bottom. It has large bulb still attached. It's doing somewhat well, some leaves are starting to die, but that's common when introducing new plants :)

Contributed by Micah B.

I bought this plant 4 months ago and in the first month the leaves covered half of the 160 L tank. I got tired of pruning it for the past 3 months. Only for huge tanks because it grows to enormous sizes.

Contributed by Samyelon

I have grown this plant from a bulb and has grown to be an impressive plant. After about four months of growth it grew leaves to the surface, resembeling lily pads. This is one of the fastest growing plants I have owned.

Contributed by Nate

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