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Echinodorus x. 'Ozelot'
Ozelot Amazon Sword

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ozelot1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Echinodorus x. 'Ozelot'
Care GravelLight
Origin: Domestic (Hybrid)
Easy Rich Average


I've had this plant for about 8 months. Itīs true that this plant is easy to care for. My plant is now about 20 cm in height and 25 cm wide. It grows one new leaf per week. When the leaf is young it is brown color with a little green, when older itīs green with a little brown. My lighting is 0.36 W/L. It reproduces by runners. In this period I had 2 runners: 1 runner made a young plant, another a flower.

Contributed by Virgis

This is simply a beautiful swordplant. Given some basic care like substrate fertilization and adequate light (2.21 W/G in my case), this plant can reproduce prolifically - 2 LONG thick runners at once with 4 decent sized plants on each, by crikey! Mine seems to send a runner up about every 4 weeks. It’s new red leaves are thick and chunky to start off with and eventually turn green before eventually decomposing from the tip (if not pruned like mine). It doesn’t appear to be as much of a tankbuster as an amazon sword, mine has stayed around the 25 cm mark for some time now.

Contributed by Adrian Wymer

I've had my Ozelot sword for almost a year. It barely grows in length at all, very slow. But it's brown spots, otherwise known as leopard sword, make it all the more interesting. Beautiful and the best plant for a beginner, it was my first!

Contributed by Micah B

I've had a small specimen of this plant for several months in a low light, no CO2 tank. It's doing well, and putting out new leaves as we speak!

Contributed by Rowan

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