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Mayaca fluviatilis

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mayaca1.jpg (33kb)
Photo Credit: Alex Kawazaki

Name: Mayaca fluviatilis
Care GravelLight
Origin: Americas
Average Rich Bright


I bought this beautiful plant about a year ago and have been enjoying it ever since. It is a very nice bright green stem plant with very fine leaves. It will propagate by replanting cuttings and also will give off many sideshoots which can also be planted. I use this plant at the moment in the center of my aquascape and it does reach the surface of the water and continues to grow to 60+ cm length! The plant can be used as a middle or background plant.

Contributed by Ed Menchaca

Mayaca fluviatilis: This aquarium plant is an aggressive weed. It should not be used outside in garden ponds and should never be allowed to escape into waterways. It is soon to be classified as a weed here in Queensland (Australia), and its sale is to be restricted. It may even be banned.

Contributed by Peter Alden

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