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Echinodorus martii (maior)
Ruffled Amazon Sword

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martii1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Echinodorus martii (maior)
Origin: Brazil

Care Gravel Light
Average Rich Average


My plant has been growing for about 6 months now and is about 2 foot high. It likes co2 and thrives under bright lights. It recently grew a clawlike flower wich extended out of the top of my tank. It is a nice plant to sit and look at and takes pride of place in my tank. This picture was taken about 3 weeks ago and the plants leaves are now level with the top of the tank.

Contributed by Marc Sanders

I have one E. martii in my reasonably well lit 370 L planted tank. I have found the plant to be quite hardy and mine is now thriving. I only very recently introduced CO2 fertilization and this plant has now exploded with new leaves and has turned itself into a show piece in my tank. I would recommend it to experienced fishkeepers and new comer alike.

Contributed by Gary

I made the mistake of adding two of these plants to a 30 cm high 60 L tank. At the time I didn't realize just how big they got, but for some reason neither plant seems to be able to maintain its leaves, after a while they just die off. Luckily they grow new ones at a rate of about one a week. It is still a great plant, but I found algae grew on it easily. I would recommend this plant to anyone with a lot of space in their aquarium. I would advise against putting it in a corner as they have a large root area. One thing, it differs from the normal variety of Amazon sword in that its leaves also spread out horizontally as opposed to just reaching up.

Contributed by Joe Bartram

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