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Ludwigia mullertii
Red Ludwigia

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ludwigia1.jpg (38kb)
Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Ludwigia mullertii
Care GravelLight
Origin: North America
Easy Plain Bright


I have this plant in my 80 liter tank. It is awesome, the leaves are bright green and the stems are hearty red. I have been adding liquid fertilizer every week and the plant has really taken off. I get about 5 new leaves per stem per 2 weeks.

Contributed by James Shakour

This plant grows like a weed (but looks nicer!). Bright green leaves on the top surface and a red stem and underside of leaves makes this an attractive plant. It is growing happily in my 200 litre tank.

Contributed by James Fletcher

This plant is incredible. It's easy to take care of and it is beautiful. I have had it for a month and it's doubled in size. I went from a little sprout to a towering tree-like plant. I recommend this plant to any beginner. It is incredibly easy to take care of.

Contributed by Uday T.

This plant is great because it has two different colors to it. From different angles the viewer has different perspectives to the tank. Great for any level person. The plant is also easy to take care of. I give it a five star.

Contributed by Daniel Cuoppolo

This plant has been a great addition to my 280 liter tank. When I bought it from the LFS, it was primarily green, with red being predominantly on the stems and the bottom side of the leaves. After two months in the aquarium, however, the margins of leaves (top sides) have turned a deep, rust red; some leaves are even entirely red. The leaves have also grown significantly larger, with some measuring 3 cm in length. They've also grown numerous side shoots. These make a great addition to my tank, contrasting in a really interesting way with the shades of green everywhere else in the aquarium. I just purchased another bunch to add to the effect.

Contributed by Sam Clayton

I have had this plant for about a month and it really is quite hearty. Without any fertilizer, it seems to have at least doubled in size with a pretty significant mess of roots that I saw when I just moved it into another tank. I'm a beginner, so I'd definitely recommend this. Note: Sometimes the tiger barbs like to nibble on the dying leaves and rip them apart.

Contributed by JM

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