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Alternanthera reineckii var. lilacina

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lilacina1.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Miguel Pandini

Name: Alternanthera reineckii var. lilacina
Care GravelLight
Origin: Southeast Brazil
Hard Rich Bright


I have had the Alternanthera reineckii var. lilacina in my Dadīs and my 200 liter community tank for 2 months now, it is a very hardy plant and doesn't need much attention at all. All it needs is a space of a few centimeters from other plants. Lilacina is best suited in the middle of the aquarium and has tough leaves, so no fish can ruin the leaves. It is one of the best plants I have ever had. It is a very good plant to have with Cardinal Tetras as it shows off their colours.

Contributed by Wayne

This is a very beautiful, slow growing plant that needs very bright light and a rich substrate. I had some of this before and it was doing very well, then a snail epidemic came along and destroyed it! Now that I have discovered the snail eating wonders of the clown loach, I have been searching for more.

Contributed by Brian Forde

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