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Eusteralis stellata

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eusteralis1.jpg (37kb)
Photo Credit: Birgit Frühwirth

Name: Eusteralis stellata
Care GravelLight
Origin: Asia
hard rich bright


Eusteralis is a very interesting and unusual looking plant. As a stand alone plant in the foreground it looks almost like a pre-historic throw back. The stems are thick and green and the foliage will change color from the bottom to the top. The lower leaves will be bright green and the top will be almost a purplish brown. The short internodes will turn bright purple. Supplied with good light this is a very undemanding and highly decorative addition to my aquarium.

Contributed by Steve Maier

This is one of my favorite plants. Mine has thrived with good light and a DIY C02 system. Be sure to fertilize as well, I use root tabs which seem to be sufficient. Light is extremely important to this plant. On one occasion I had forgotten to change my bulbs and this plant immediately suffered from the poorer light quality. It immediately lost leaves starting form the base of the plant. Once the lighting issue was corrected it was slow to come back, taking a few months to recover. An interesting growth habit, you can leave the stems to encourage tall growth or cut them back so that smaller side shoots form. As mentioned previously the older growth is a nice green colour and the newer growth is a purple red hue. Better light accentuates this feature. Easily propagated, simply plant the cuttings and they usually grow well.

Contributed by Aaron

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