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Egeria densa
Anacharis, Elodea

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This plant has become nothing but a nuisance in my tank, due to its hardiness and rapid growth rate. Under 110 W of light, moderate CO2 injection through electrolysis, and light fertilization, each stem of this plant will double in length in about 10 days. I try to keep a small amount, however if it is not tended to frequently, it will quickly cover the top of my tank blocking light from other smaller plants. I do recommend this plant though, to those who need a quick filler for bare areas in their tank.

Contributed by Chris Mackey

Simply put, any aquarist should have Egeria in their tank if they can get hold of it. Not only is it nice for the fish, but it is the ultimate nitrate vacuum. My tap water has 10 ppm nitrates, but my 95 liter tank's water has remained steady at 0 ppm nitrates for eight months now, with four bunches. My water is crystal clear with very little algae. It does require maintenance, I admit - mine doubles in size every fortnight. I haven't even bothered to plant it - I keep it in bunches, and every two weeks I take the bunches out, chop off the bottom half, rebundle it and place it back in. I've grown it under 0.4 W/L lighting and no CO2, and also 0.6 W/L lighting with CO2. I consider this plant the last stage in my biological filtration system. I put in fish food; I remove plant. One word of warning, though: do NOT throw this plant into outside ponds or lakes, it is horribly invasive.

Contributed by Ophidia

I bought 2 bunches of this miraculous plant for my 180 litre community. It is growing like crazy! I bought it at half this height, and now if it continues to grow at this speed it will be at the top of the aquarium before the month is out. I use aquarium fertilizer with every water change, and the plant is un-bunched and rooted in the gravel.

Contributed by Rowan

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