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Egeria densa
Anacharis, Elodea

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Fantastic plant that is great for live bearers, providing shelter for young and soft leaves for fish such as swordtails and gouramis. Looks great in thick bunches, and will grow and grow, best in bright light. Mine grows straight to the surface and then along it, flowing in the current, an awesome addition to any planted tank.

Contributed by Andrew Turnbull

Anacharis plants are really bushy and add a nice, full look to any tank. I put anacharis plants in my tank because I have white cloud mountain minnows and since they like green matter, they eat the leaves of the anacharis plants when there is not any other food available in the tank. Also a great oxygen producer. The anacharis must be pruned periodically and the bottom of the stem can start to rot and turn brown after two weeks or so. All you have to do then is remove it from your substrate, cut off the browned bottom, and then replant the top. This plant will grow continuously and is not expensive. I would really recommend it to anyone, especially if you have white cloud minnows.

Contributed by Chris P.

The elodea also known as anacharis is a very fast grower. It will shrivel up and die if it doesn’t have a lot of light. These plants are very long living, either floating or rooted to the bottom. This is an excellent, inexpensive plant to put in a goldfish tank since goldfish have a huge diet on anacharis. But this plant is also good in any tank except saltwater tanks. They will need to be trimmed maybe once a year, growing to the length of 1 meter or more! They are constantly nibbled at by most community fish such as tetras. If you fill a corner with anacharis, it is a great place for fry to hide and live in. I like to keep a whole lot floating to dim the light since I have angelfish and tetras. I also keep some rooted on the ground.

Contributed by Annie

I have this planted in my 270 L tank. It is housed with all my gouramis, angels and barbs and it does extemely well with just a 40 W Gro-lux light. Water pH is approx. 7.5. I have had 3 bunches for 2 weeks and I am already cutting it back! As already said, just cut it and shove it back in the gravel, it will do fine. An all round great background plant.

Contributed by Dave Beacon

I had read somewhere that Elodea grows very well in water with lots of calcium (usually comes with a high pH). And the plant, when in need of CO2, even extracts CO2 from the calcium (CaCO3) dissolved in the water. Before, nothing grew in my aquarium, not even Elodea. Now that I put some calcium-rich rock in my little tank, the Elodea grows like a weed, my fish is healthy and my snails are having a ball. It detains the algae too. It's taking away nutrients before the algae can use them, I guess. I know for sure the Elodea uses the calcium, because I can scrape off the calcium crystals on the leaves. Elodea doesn't need that much light and the temperature doesn't have to be high. Just give it enough calcium (if your fish can handle it) and your Elodea will thrive for sure.

Contributed by Osro

My 68 L tank just recovered from green water. I had some egeria densa floating and rooted. The floating anacharis did well, but the rooted anacharis grew to about 60 cm. It was tangled with the floating anacharis so I never noticed it, but man can that thing root itself! It really can be a weed. Awesome beginner plant; fast growth, can be planted or left floating, and very undemanding. Looks real good planted in thick bunches; gives the look of a mini jungle. Fry love it! Highly, highly recommended.

Contributed by Neil Arellano

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