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Egeria densa
Anacharis, Elodea

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Photo Credit: Miguel Pandini

Name: Egeria densa
Origin: South to Central America

Care Gravel Light
Easy Plain Bright


Elodea is another one of those easy plants to grow. However, I would try to keep it in good bright light, if not the lower leaves of the plants will rot and fall off due to little light at the bottom of the tank. Other than this it's easy to take care of. It also is an easy plant to reproduce, just cut a stem and stick it into the gravel. Elodea is also another fast grower. However, it's not that thick. This plant looks best when used to just fill in holes in your aquarium garden.

Contributed by Timothy

Ahhhh, yes. Anacharis. No tank is really complete without some. It may need bright light, but it grows just fine in my 70 liter low-light tank. In fact, I've been able to put some of the cuttings into my son's 40 liter guppy tank. It's a good plant for guppies because the fry can hide in the leaves. Leave it free floating in a gourami tank, and they have a natural anchor for their bubble nests. It's a very versatile plant. I keep it in my planted tank because I have some honey dwarf gouramis who LOVE to eat fine leaved plants and if they have this plant, they leave my others alone. It's very inexpensive, which is always nice.

Contributed by Shawna

In my experience Elodea grows well in dim light as well as bright. I have even grown it in a tank without any artificial lighting. It grows more thinly in dim light, but I think this looks nice as something wispy to fill in gaps in the background. In strong light it has dark green foliage and grows much thicker, therefore making a good background plant. I have found that the old stems die off after a few months.

Contributed by Wendy Barrett

Good food for goldfish, elodea/anacharis is also known as "goldfish greens". This plant is easy enough to replace, and adds variety to your goldfish's diet.

Contributed by Amber

There is some nomenclature confusion with regards to this plant. Elodea is usually used for a genus of plants native to North America that have also been called Anacharis; these are Elodea canadensis (aka Canadian Water Weed among others) and Elodea nuttallii (aka Western Water Weed among others). I wanted to make this point because Egeria is considered an invasive plant in North America, that has damaged many ponds and lakes. Because of this, we only use native vegetation in the lakes and ponds we design. I also hope that North Americans who use the plant discussed on this page: Brazilian Water Weed (Egeria densa), will only use it in indoor aquariums in order to keep the wild waters free of problematic invasive vegetation such as Egeria.

Contributed by Brad Kerr

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