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Hygrophila difformis
Water Wisteria

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Hygrophila_difformis_2.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Lee Oliver

Water wisteria could also be made to grow as a carpet by laying it down on the substrate. You could hold the plant down by placing rocks at the ending tips of it, the internodes will soon send roots down to the gravel and will keep on growing this way. All it needs is regular trimming and in less than a month the plant will give you a bushy lawn effect. This could be done in medium (0.5-0.6 W/L) lighting with addition of CO2.

Contributed by Mike Austria

I have grown this plant in my 140 liter community tank for years now and it has never failed me. Its deepy cut leaves provide an attractive background which complements my angel fish excellently. When the plant becomes too tall and leggy, I simply slash it back and within days sideshoots brake away, leaving a fresh healthy looking plant. I love this plant and will continue to grow it for many more years.

Contributed by Glen Brown

Be careful about keeping Wisteria in smaller tanks. I have mine in a 21 L, and constantly have to trim the leaves and side shoots to give my fish adequate swimming space. The upside is that the plant creates a good amount of shade for those that prefer to be away from direct light.

Contributed by Mikhail Aronov

Don't keep this plant with Buenos Aires tetras or other fish that are ravenous plant eaters. They will love it! I put a Buenos Aires tetra in my tank and after only one day it had completely destroyed this plant.

Contributed by Grant

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