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Hygrophila difformis
Water Wisteria

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difformis1.jpg (16kb)
Photo Credit: Miguel Pandini

Name: Hygrophila difformis
Care GravelLight
Origin: India and Southeast Asia
Easy Plain Medium


I grow wisterias in my 76 L tank and it is fast growing and hardy. Since I have only the standard aquarium top light with one 15 W fluorescent tube, I can say this plant can adapt to low light condition and still grow fast and gorgeously. I have an undergravel filter and, even this, does not prevent the plant from growing to "suffocate" my other plants. Weekly, I provide a liquid iron fertilizer. Every two - three weeks, I have to remove them from gravel, cut the lower 15 cm out of the stems and plant back the upper part of the plant. I know this destroys the root network of each plant each time, but they are still growing strong and fast. Once I tried to cut the head instead of cutting the foot, but this was a failure. The plant weakened and almost died. Anyways, wisteria has roots growing on any part of them, and a small piece of leaf, when broken apart, will develop roots and, given good conditions, will become a new plant! Sometimes, wisteria lets a "baby" grow on its own leaves. They are good to create a green background to hide those ugly aquarium fixtures. Their intricate leaf patterns and their light green color makes a nice addition to a planted tank. The only bad experience I had growing this species was when I had a large pleco in my tank. The pleco didn't bother passing around and between the stems and, doing this, broke the relatively fragile leaves.

Contributed by Claire Denis

The wisteria is a beautiful addition to an aquarium. I have a cluster of it in my community aquarium and it is doing well. It has a "different" look to it, which adds variety to the tank. I highly recommend it!

Contributed by (no name given)

I used to keep this plant in my tanks. Although it is beautiful, it is one of the messiest plants I've ever owned! I hope the experiences of others with this plant were different than mine. I will never keep this plant again. The leaves fall off and create a big "salad-like" mess in the water. No thanks.

Contributed by Shawna

I recently had doubts about including this plant in my 180 liter tank because of its odd looking leaves, and some negative comments I had heard about it. I bought a bundle of it because it was the cheapest and only type of plant that was left at my local pet store, I'm glad I bought some though, because it makes a great space filler and has a beautiful white color on the under sides of the leaves.

Contributed by John Kelley

It can grow fast and strong, even without high quality ligthing conditions and addition of CO2. It is an excellent plant for beginners.

Contributed by Alex Fan

I've grown this plant for years and I love it. If you allow it to emerge above the water line, it will grow outside the tank and the leaves will, again take on a different shape. You can then take an out-of-the-water cutting and root it. If planted outdoors in the summer, it will grow in the garden. It will also bloom blue flowers. Quite an amazing plant that is very easy to grow.

Contributed by Jim Orlando

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