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Cryptocoryne x willisii
Willisii (Nevillii) Crypt

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cwillisii1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Alex Kawazaki

Name: Cryptocoryne x willisii
Origin: Sri Lanka (Asia)

Care Gravel Light
Easy Rich Any


I have this plant and it is easy to maintain, even with poor lighting. We can use this plant with driftwood, and attached to driftwood it is great.

Contributed by Eko Subagio

I have had this plant for the better part of two years and three tanks. I mean the same plant in three different tanks. It is very hardy and transplants well. It also will produce new growth that can be removed and transplanted in the same tank or another. If you are looking for a low maintenance plant this is it. I don't know how many times I thought it was dead and it just came back even better.

Contributed by Doug Spence

This plant is awesome. I originally bought 3 bunches and planted them all in an unheated fishbowl. When winter came they died, but I took one dead stem and put it on top of a marimo ball in a bowl filled with snails. Even though I never fertillised it or changed the water at all (once a year) it still had new leaves growing, and just recently I put it into a 100 litre, and within 3 days a leaf has grown and 3 shoots are just about forming. This plant could possibly survive with half a leaf, that's how tough it is.

Contributed by a visitor

This plant is extremely easy to care for. You can have the most basic setup and watch this plant thrive and multiply. It is a breeze splitting these plants up, all you have to do is be careful of the root systems. When putting it in different tanks you may experience crypt rot. Just be patient and eventually you'll see a healthy plant growing once again.

Contributed by Joe Walczak

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