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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'green'
Green Wendtii Crypt

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Cryptocoryne_wendtii_2.jpg (29kb)
Photo Credit: José Botão

Name: Cryptocoryne wendtii "green"
Care GravelLight
Origin: Sri Lanka (Asia)
Easy Rich Any


I have this plant in my 75 liter with all kinds of barbs, a red tail shark and a clown loach. At first the barbs chewed this plant down to nothing, and then for whatever reason they left it alone, now it is flourshing and propogating nicely. It is in direct light of 55 Watts, no burn marks or wilting. I love this plant for the fact that it does not grow huge and does not stay small, just the right size! I highly recommend this plant for you tank.

Contributed by James Shakour

I have this species of plant growing in my aquarium. But the curious thing is it does not look much like the picture. The leaves are the same shape, but in my set up they are a bright green. My plant has grown out, instead of up, via runners from the original plant. I have it in the front corner of my aquarium where I am enjoying it spreading out and filling in this space. I would say my plant is roughly 10 cm high maximum. My set up has bright light (>0.8 Watts/liter) so I am thinking this is why my plant grows like it does.

Contributed by Hasana Ludlow

I originally bought one start of this, and before I knew it I had myself a munch! Every few months, I take out a 'bunch' and separate the shoots and plant them across the tank. These are very hardy, and very easy to grow and cultivate. I recommend this plant to any person at any level.

Contributed by David Acorn

I bought a potted bunch of this plant over 6 months ago when I very first got interested in live plants. A short while later I had a snail infestation in my tank and they ate it down to nothing. Being the hardy plant that it is it grew back and flourshed after I had removed all of the snails although it has never sent out any shoots or runners like listed above.

Contributed by Josh Eddie

This is a very easy-care plant that is suitable for shallow tanks. Also as a very nice foreground plant. Without adding CO2 and chemicals, Wendtii can survive and depending on the lighting level its color varies between green to yellowish green. I have been keeping this plant since 2002 in my low-tech tank without any problem. I recommend this plant for all aquarists.

Contributed by Mehmet Savaskan

My reason for choosing this plant was to fill in spaces in the foreground of my tank. My crypts have been in my 570 L tank for about 3 years and the tallest measure about 45 cm! I never realized that they would grow this tall. The lighting in this tank is by no means spectacular (4x36 W normal output bulbs). The tank is 60 cm tall and is setup to somewhat mimic the black waters of the Amazon.

Contributed by CJ Rollins

I have found this plant to grow well in low light conditions. They seem to grow much better in sand than in gravel, I have three 20 cm tall plants in my 200 L that grow ten times as fast as the ones in my 40 L.

Contributed by Sam

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