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Hemigraphis colorata
Broad Leaf Flame Ivy

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colorata1.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Marcelo Drummond

Name: Hemigraphis colorata 'broad leaf'
Origin: ?

Care Gravel Light
Special Rich Bright


I have also seen this plant labeled as purple waffle. It is a stunning hanging basket plant growing lush with a trailing habit. I took cuttings from my potted plant and just stuck them in the gravel of my 45 liter. They root readily from the nodes just below a pair of leaves. Although not a true aquatic it will grow nicely for a few weeks, even months. My suggestion is to buy a potted plant and take cuttings occasionally. The price you might pay for a clump of cuttings at a pet store would buy a good sized hanging basket at a nursery. The color is such a plus that it is well worth the problem caused by it's not being truly aquatic.

Contributed by Samuel Kirkman

This is not an aquatic plant and will die if submerged too long. They make good terrarium plants though.

Contributed by a visitor

My LFS also told me it's not aquatic when I went looking for a plant fertiliser to bring it's colour back. Purple Temple was the name they used. I am very lucky that mine hasn't died yet. He mentioned high oxygenation of the water as the main killer of it in aquariums. Hope this helps!

Contributed by Donna

I was not told this was not an aquatic plant and when I got it, I was thrilled at the vibrant purplish red that the plant brought to the forground of my tank. The plant did well for about three months and then it turned a very dark green. The leaves have become really broad and are rather badly beaten up (as my Pleco likes to gnaw on them), but it just won't die! It is still alive two years and counting, but nothing I have done has returned the pretty purple color it once had. It has gotten rather large (almost the size of an adult's outstretched hand) even though it isn't all that pretty anymore.

Contributed by Tatsu Oyama

I have had Flame Ivy for ages and I have found that it grows much better in cold water. I originally bought two bunches and put one in a tropical freshwater tank at 26C and the other in a gold fish tank with the temp at 20C. The bunch in the tropical tank fell to pieces and I had leaves all over the tank. The other bunch sent out roots very quickly and and went from strength to strength. No CO2 added to either tank. The undersides changed from totally purple to being veined in purple with a purple tinge though but still enough to add a little bit of colour and interest to a green tank :)

Contributed by Di Honeybone

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