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Cardamine lyrata
Chinese Ivy

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Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Cardamine lyrata
Origin: Japan, China, Siberia

Care Gravel Light
Average Plain Bright


I put mine under streams of water coming back to the aquarium from the set top box filter and it completely tears them apart in a few days. Suggest to put in a calmer water or position. It grows quite well though under my condition.

Contributed by Budi Prasodjo

This plant grows really well floating or planted. Mine grows really well under low light conditions.

Contributed by Ami

This is a very fragile plant, in that it breaks with very little water movement. I had it for quite a while, but it breaks out of my fine substrate and floats to the surface. My fish also found it very tasty and it soon got gobbled up. Make sure it is planted well, with at least a moderate lighting system.

Contributed by Tjad Dorrington

I didn't have a good experience with Cardamine. After introduced in my tank, it grew thinner and the leaves were invaded by algae and looked "sick". I read somewhere that this plant comes from temperate Asia and prefer a cooler temperature like 17-22C and bright light. Maybe it can better adapt if only one bad condition is present: poor light OR high temperature. As my tank is low light (one 15 W PowerGlo tube over a 75 L) and 27C it could be too mutch for the plant. In addition, my Diamond tetras always nibbled on the tender but already damaged leaves.

Contributed by Claire Denis

I grow this plant in a 75 L tank with a 15 W Powerglo tube. It is just floating around the surface of my tank for about 3 months now and seems to be holding it's own. Plenty of little roots coming off the stem. My african butterfly fish love to hang out in the floating tangle of stems and leaves.

Contributed by C. Timmins

I bought one of these plants, not knowing what it was or its requirements, and so I put it next to my power filter. It was gone the day after and has been blown away by the current. I then replanted it in a calmer position. It has now reached the surface of my 140 litre tank and makes an impressive gap filler. I would advise you to keep this away from power filters and turbulent water, and if you give it medium light it will grow rapidly.

Contributed by Rob King

I accidentally received a very small twig of this wrapped around another plant I bought on the internet. There were only about 4 or 5 leaves. I decided to plant it anyway just to see what it would do. It's now two months later and I have five or six strands about 40 cm long. It grows rapidly and stays put as long as it is in a calm part of the aquarium. I prefer it as a midground plant in front of taller, broad-leafed plants like swords. I have about 0.67 W/L, soft water, pH 7.0, and do not supplement CO2. Otos and siamensis keep it and everything else reasonably clean.

Contributed by Bryce Millar

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