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Cabomba caroliniana
Green Cabomba

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I have very poor lighting in my 100 liter, yet my cabomba has taken off tremendously! When I first purchased it it was thin and whispy, but now it has taken over 1/3 of my aquarium in only a few weeks! I am not having any problems with the fine leaves coming off yet. When I woke up today, I saw two of my cories perched on it! It was adorable! This is definitely one of my favourite plants, and is almost fool-proof to grow.

Contributed by a visitor

I have some cabombas in the corner of my aquarium. Due to limited lighting, only the tops grow well. They develop very long stems with a lot of leaves only on the top. I still have to cut them every two weeks. I'm not using extra CO2, only a little bit of fertilizer now and then. Water is T 24C, pH 7.6, KH 6, GH 14, NO3 is very low. My other plants aren't doing very well. This must be the thoughest plant I have.

Contributed by David Thijs

Cabomba is a beautiful plant, but has its limitations as mentioned by many others. However, I have found it to be one of the best plants for low-turbulence tanks with small 'peaceful' fish - like a tank of neon tetras. This plant works brilliantly with CO2 units and you can often see streams of O2 coming from the fine leaves.

Contributed by Shan

Mine grow like weed, as do the cuttings that I make daily. Rooting this plant is tricky. The plant doesn't have roots to begin with, and is much lighter than water, so I usually pin it to the bottom by putting stones on the lower stem. In a tank with moving water or naughty fish, this planting and re-planting means that nervous fish will have to get used to you working in the tank from time to time. The upside for the fish is that the algae growing on the needles makes a nice treat, as my Rosy Barbs and others have found out. My plants have done well in the pond as well, having survived several winters in South Africa.

Contributed by Heidi Vogel

Cabomba has been a beautiful addition to my aquarium. I have a 110 liter tall tank with a coralife CF fixture with 2x65 W 6700 K bulbs and DIY CO2. In one week these plants had grown to the top of the tank and I had to prune them back! I love to see the fine foliage covered with oxygen bubbles. I have not had any trouble with leaves separating and floating around the tank. It appears from other comments, that good lighting and CO2 are needed for success with this plant.

Contributed by Mike Mather

This plant looks good, but can be a pain in the butt. This stuff clogs filters and pollutes water! It's a pain but I think it's worth having, good for fry when the plant is dense or tucked in the back corner. My Platies that I've seen many times love to chew on this stuff, which probably contributes to the little thin leaves floating in the water. Otherwise I only really have one problem with this plant: once it's tall, it tends to snap and disintegrate at the base of the stem. However, it's low maintainance and looks great.

Contributed by Matt

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