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Cabomba caroliniana
Green Cabomba

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The cabomba is really not that great of a plant. Its weak stem breaks constantly and I need to replant it every week or so. Mine doesn't attach to the substrate very well, either.

Contributed by Andrew

I enjoy keeping cabomba. It has an interesting look and a large grouping in the background can give the appearance of an underwater forest. The plant does not do well with a CO2 deficiency, which might lead to excessive leaf loss and week stems. The only difficulty I've found in keeping the plant is that the leaf clusters are not as dense (growing too far apart on the stem) as I would like them to be. This might be a type of photomorphism due to lower light conditions.

Contributed by Richard Lamb

I like this plant very much and have been growing it since the first time I jumped into the world of fishkeeping. The only problem that really fusses me is that the tiny floating leaves need to be cleaned so that the surface of the water won't look "dirty", and it may also clog your filter. However, I really recommend it!

Contributed by Kah Hoo

Though native in the southeast USA, Cabomba caroliniana is considered an invasive non-native species in the northeastern USA and in the Pacific northwest, and should not be released to the aquatic environment in these regions under any circumstances.

Contributed by Loraine Cohorn

Besides their lively green color they are delicate plants. They do not like heavy circulation of powerheads. Trying to plant them on a silent part of the aquarium will provide strong leaves. They like strong light for three or four hours and light can be returned to average and need daily drop of fertilizer. They are a little bit sensitive to water changes. All in all they bring to the aquarium a different dimension and they are the best plant for egg-layers like Tetras.

Contributed by (no name given)

Love this plant to pieces! Fantastic in large bunches. Really gives off a great, bright green to the home aquarium. If you are having problems with leaves falling off, it may be because the fish you keep are fairly large. If so, I do not recommend this plant. For smaller fish of swordtail size downwards, this plant is great. I recommend CO2 use, but I don't use it and seems to do well. Prepare for pruning, because it grows fast, and you can plant the pruned pieces anywhere, and it'll grow like crazy! Have fun! Looks great with Java Moss + Fern.

Contributed by Phillip Turnbull

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