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Cabomba caroliniana
Green Cabomba

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cabomba1.jpg (25kb)
Photo Credit: Gerhard Müller-Lang

Name: Cabomba caroliniana
Care GravelLight
Origin: Tropical Americas
Average Plain Medium


This plant has very fine leaves that tend to get trapped in the filter. Other than this, I think it is a beautiful plant which softens the background of your aquarium.

Contributed by Sixtus Goh

Cabomba is a plant that is very easily cloned. I cut them in half after they reach 15-20 cm at the node or branch. Just stick it in the gravel and the plant does the rest.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have not had much luck with this plant. The plant seems to break up easily. My Dragon Goby would swim through them and a bunch of leaves would drift upward toward my filters. The broken leaves were constantly getting sucked into my filters. Needless to say, I had to remove the plant. I hope you have better luck than I did!

Contributed by Ed McFarland

I have some of this. It's great for hidding things like heaters. The only problem is my fish love to snack on it :)

Contributed by Cheryl Gorman

Beautiful green color for your background. In my case and personal taste, I don't like it since most of the time you can see parts of the plant drifting in the water and clogging up my filters. Thanks to it, I have to clean my pre-filter on a daily basis thanks to its small drifting leaves. I am planning to remove them entirely from my tank.

Contributed by Luis Cosme

I have 4 bunches of this in my 186 L tank and it is a wonderful plant. I just want to swim through it myself. I am still working on getting it to flower good. I see many people have trouble with the leaves clogging their filter. If there aren't any fish doing major damage it should hold its leaves pretty well. Also, the best fix I found for solving the problem was a $2.00 sponge to cover my uplift tube. Now I clean the sponge off, not my filter cartridges. I recommend it because of its beauty and ease of growth. Cut it anywhere, plant it, and it will grow.

Contributed by (no name given)

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