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Bolbitis heudelotii
African Water Fern

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This plant does perfect in low lit tanks, but beware, neons and barbs love to nibble on the edges of leaves.

Contributed by Chris Ryan

I have had no trouble with this plant. Mine is planted in gravel, low light, 100 liter starter tank. It has been a slow grower and my sterbai cories seem to sniff around it, but no one eats it.

Contributed by Kathleen Kouba

I have had no problem with growing Bolbitis in a low tech tank. I have great growth in a 50 liter with a hanging filter. The light levels are low with diffuse sunlight. The water is from a tube well of moderately hard nature. Water change is infrequent and I occasionally add some trace elements.

Contributed by Rajendra Kumar

I have tried keeping this plant in several aquariums where it would live but never seemed to grow...until I put it in my aquarium/terrarium above the water line but where it would stay constantly wet from splashing water. It's grown like crazy ever since. I havn't tested the water but it's probably on the soft side 'cause I've got alot of wood in there. It's even grown past the splashzone with only it's roots being in flowing water and seems to be doing really well.

Contributed by Rob R

This is one of my favorite plants! It grows well in very low light, better than Java fern, hornwort, or any other plant I've tried besides Java moss (filter clog). Cryptocoryne spiralis also does well with low light, nearly as well as Bolbitis.

Contributed by Matt

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